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Are you shopping for your first VR Headset? If so, then you’ve found the right place to start…

You’ve seen commercials with people wearing VR Headsets but up until now, you haven’t purchased a pair.

Maybe you just can’t imagine yourself wearing funny goggles. But have you seen the newer styles? Much better.

They don’t look as bulky anymore, and they’re not as heavy, plus now there are more VR apps and 3D videos to watch and play, which was a problem last year.

And another good thing to know about now is – today’s VR headsets have better lenses and support straps, so they don’t cause eye or neck strain as the old ones did… live and learn.

Are you still wondering what to do with VR?

You should read 15+ Amazing Ways How To Use VR That Will Completely Blow Your Mind to understand why VR is so hot…


You were smart to wait until now before buying because of even a cheap VR headset in today’s market is better than most of the good headsets a year ago. Maybe it’s time to find out what all the virtual reality fuss is about, right?

Buy VR Headsets

We have 7 VR Headset Deals for you to compare…

On BuyBuyVR, we help beginners find affordable VR goggles because not everyone needs to (or can) pay hundreds or thousands of dollars on a gadget that will be outdated in 3 – 6 months.

We can help you get started with a virtual reality headset under 50, and that includes free shipping in most cases.

Soon you’ll be able to join in the fun:

  • Watch 3D Movies
  • Play VR Games
  • Learn New Skills

Experience Virtual Reality

  • Stand face-to-face with T-Rex or Great White Sharks.
  • Visit the Seven Wonders of the World from Your Home.
  • See the Universe up-close and in 3D like you never have before!

Virtual Reality for Dummies (FAQ)

  • What do you need to experience virtual reality?
    • A modern Android or iPhone and a VR headset.
  • How much does virtual reality equipment cost?
    • If you already have a smartphone to use, and your budget is tight – then you can buy a good VR headset for under 25.
  • Do VR headsets cause motion sickness?
    • Yes, some people do get motion sickness wearing VR goggles, but newer goggles have better and adjustable lenses to help avoid this problem.
  • Do all VR headsets work with any smartphone?
    • No, some headsets are not compatible with iPhone or Android phones. Please validate your phone size, make, and model supported before purchasing a VR headset.
  • Do I have to use my smartphone to experience virtual reality?
    • No, you can buy an All-In-One VR headset or gear that plugs into a PC or game console.

Best VR Headsets For Beginners

We’re about to review seven Good to Better, to Best, low-cost virtual reality headsets that are perfect for starters. Later on, if you want to upgrade, you can but these will work fine for now, and you won’t be throwing away hundreds of dollars…

To start we’re going to compare a couple of good headsets in the cheap price range around $20, then we’ll compare 3 better headsets priced affordably under $50, and finally, we will review top headsets in the $50 – $90 range. Follow the link to see the current price for each item. Let’s go…

Let’s start with “Good Cheap” VR headsets for your first time virtual reality experience.

SIDARDOE VR Headset Video Review#1.  SIDARDOE VR Headset (5th Generation Virtual Reality Glasses) is an excellent low-cost headset for beginners who want to get their first 3D virtual reality experience, but don’t want to spend a lot for a headset.

Compared with other headsets in the same price range, the SIDARDOE will hold their own on features and benefits.

7 Virtual Reality Headsets For Beginners 1Next…

#2. VRbeatz VR Headset is a budget headset loaded with features to get you started. You’ll be able to dive into most of the cool 3D virtual apps that everyone is using at a discount price. Experience VR games, videos, and amazing experiences like never before…

Cool name and cool pricing make the VRbeatz another favorite for beginners.

Now, let’s step it up with a few headsets that are “Better” but still affordable.

ETVR VR Headset#3. ETVR VR Headset with 3D Immersive Large Screen Experience is priced exceptionally low for such a good headset. These goggles have so many excellent options for such a low-cost headset. High-quality lenses, remote controller, 1 button precision adjustment system are only a few key features that make the ETRV Headset an excellent deal for VR beginners.

The ETVR headsets open the gate for premium VR experience with better lenses…

Sytros VR Headset#4. Sytros VR Headset with Magnetic Trigger is another fantastic VR headset for beginners on a tight budget. Also priced in the same range as the ETVR, the Sytros Headset boasts premium features that include a magnetic trigger for remote-less operation with most smartphones. The Sytros headset also has high-quality lenses for a crisp immersive experience with movies and games.

Luphie VR Headset#5. Luphie VR Headset is another affordable option that offers an excellent immersive experience that rivals more expensive goggles. This headset includes built-in headphones and the ability to answer your phone. See the long list of technical specifications that go beyond low budget glasses…

Next, Let’s Look at the Best VR Headsets for Beginners…

7 Virtual Reality Headsets For Beginners 2#6. Merge VR Headset has been around for a while and is a favorite. You may have even seen them at BestBuy. The Merge is a sculpted design that fits well against your face for extended immersive explorations into virtual training, movies, and games.

#7. Samsung Gear VR is the top contender for the Best VR headset for beginners.

Samsung Gear VR HeadsetAlmost since the beginning, Samsung Gear VR has been used by everyone from kids playing games all the way to software developers creating the games and apps everyone loves.  Priced higher than most headsets, but worth it!

Which VR Headset is the best deal?

Let’s review what stands out about these 7 VR headsets for beginners:

  1. SIDARDOE has an extensive list of features
  2. VRbeatz has a cool name
  3. ETVR has high-quality lenses
  4. Sytros has a magnetic trigger
  5. Luphie has built-in high fidelity sound
  6. Merge has a sculpted design
  7. Samsung Gear VR has a high-quality brand

This is a great list of online deals that may also include free shipping.

The Next Level Up VR Headsets

Now, if budget isn’t a problem and spending a couple of hundred dollars is no big deal, then check out All In One VR Headsets that have built-in screens and don’t require a smartphone to operate.

All In One VR headsets are the next best thing to the expensive Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. They’re portable just like the Samsung Gear VR…

alternative VR Headsets for Samsung phone

That was just the beginning!

At BuyBuyVR, we get it…

You can literally spend days, agonizing on Amazon, comparing 1000s of similar VR headsets.

There are way too many choices, which is why we only showed you 7 VR headsets to compare for now.

The truth is, we’ve only scratched the surface because we know every day new and more powerful virtual reality gadgets released with new and exciting features, which makes it hard to decide when to buy a VR headset. Unfortunately, that will always be a problem.

But not to worry because the 7 goggles we compared are a great starting point for beginners who just want to experience a virtual reality for their first time and don’t want to spend too much time or money getting started.

More choices…

Other VR gear alternatives not covered above are Sony PlayStation VR, Microsoft Xbox VR game consoles and Google Cardboard (too cheap).

But if you still want to keep researching headsets, you’re welcome to visit our shop for VR headset deals catalog.

Thank you for hanging out, and we hope this brief VR headset review helps you start immersing.


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