Sytros VR Headset: Premium Virtual Reality Experience (Magnetic Trigger)

sytros vr headset with magnetic button triggerIf you want to experience virtual reality through your smartphones at an affordable price, the Sytros VR Headset is perfect for you…

It’s high-quality lenses with wide view angling system ensure the best HD view of movies & video.

Sytros VR Headset

Get fully immersed in the world of virtual reality with high tech Sytros Virtual reality headset.

sytros vr reviewThis headset is designed to provide the users a flawless VR experience by providing more detail & depth to videos, movies, games etc.

You can get complete virtual reality experience through any kind of smartphone.

It’s made with high-quality glasses for lenses which provide you a sharp 3D experience whenever you’re watching any video or movie.

Higher Standard Premium Virtual Reality Headset:

  • Get higher standard best virtual reality experience through your I phone or Android phone with Sytros Virtual Reality headset. It’s designed to deliver best VR experience from a smartphone.
  • The Sytros Virtual Reality Headset is made with high-quality lenses for wide angle viewing to provide the best view from a smartphone. You just need to adjust the Pupil Distance (PD) and Focal Distance (FD) to get the best 3D immersive experience.
  • This VR headset is made with a lightweight durable frame and comfortable foam which is designed to fit perfectly against your face. If you have glasses don’t worry you can comfortably wear them with the Sytros Virtual Reality headset.
  • This headset comes with an external magnetic button and it doesn’t require a remote control for operating it. This magnetic button allows you to pause & interact with any Google Cardboard VR app.

Video Review of the Sytros VR Headset


sytros vr headset with magnetic button trigger for smartphones

Best Quality VR Lenses

The Sytros VR Headset comes with a natural & comfortable design that supports your eyes & fits your face.

It comes with premium quality VR lenses which ensure best quality picture with a clear view.

This headset is compatible with any smartphone such as I phone, Android, IOS etc so you don’t think much about your smartphone when you are purchasing this VR headset.

It also supports glasses, this means that you don’t need to watch videos in VR headset without wearing your glasses, you can wear your glasses & comfortably use Sytros VR headset as its specialized lenses can get very well adjusted to your eyesight.

Sytros VR Headset Magnetic Button TriggerMagnetic Button Trigger

  • You can install games & videos from an app store or google play as this VR headset supports Google cardboard games & apps. You can also transfer your VR content into the available apps to watch latest videos & games in virtual reality.
  • It’s super soft & comfortable foam supports your eyes & its lightweight design perfectly fit your face.
  • Its wide viewing angle system enables you to adjust the view according to your eyes & provides you best 3D experience.
  • The external magnetic button works well with almost all apps & games & ensures easy functionality of the VR headset.
  • It comes at a reasonable price & works well with almost all type of smartphone, Android, iPhone, Galaxy.

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