Google Expeditions: Free VR Software for Learning (Review)

google expeditions app

Google Expeditions Review

JauntVR, Mativision, and NextVR are definite VR content resources for watching exciting high quality 360 videos on your VR Headset that will leave your head spinning. But if you’re looking for a close-up experiences with Dangerous Sharks, Faraway Places and Breathtaking Nature, then Google Expeditions is fantastic VR software you’ll need to install, ASAP!

Google Expeditions is free to use and has 200+ HD image expeditions that you can view via any VR headset running the App.

Perfect for a classroom, Google Expeditions software is easy to install and offers a leader and follower setup.

google expeditions app

The Expedition Leader is installed on a tablet for easy use, and controls the VR experience. Once the leader is installed and configured, the person leading selects the expedition from a visual menu by scrolling through images of expeditions and then clicking (or tapping). Once the expedition is selected, it will be downloaded to the leader’s device and from there streamed to the followers.

The Expedition Followers are joined to the Leader via a local network configured between Android or iPhone devices and the Leader’s device. Once the followers join the leader, all the followers see the same expedition in their headset.

Setting up Google Expeditions sounds more confusing than it really is. But once it’s setup, all you need to do is choose where the next expedition will take you.

Here’s a Quick List of Educational Expeditions:

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Sharks
  • Mount Everest
  • Angel Falls
  • El Capitan
  • The Moon
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Mount Fuji
  • The Heart

There are plenty more Google Expeditions to choose from and the list is growing…


You’ll find Google Expeditions to be loaded with potential, especially if you’re in a classroom setting.

However, if you’re looking for 360 video streaming excitement and entertainment then Google Expeditions is worth testing but will not give you an adrenaline rush!

On the other hand, if education is the goal, then Google Expeditions by Google Education is a perfect Free VR software choice for classrooms filled with young impressionable minds.

Getting Started with Google Expeditions

For my review I used a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and a ETVR 3D VR Headset. However, you can use any Android or Apple device capable of running the Google Expeditions Software. Also, you can choose from an assortment of low-cost VR headsets (including Google Cardboard) here on

Once you have the Google Explorations App installed and configured, you’re ready to explore. Enjoy!

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