5 Pro Tips for Picking The Best VR Headset for iPhone (Must Read…)

vr headset for iphoneAre you sitting on the sideline wondering if your iPhone 5 or 6 will work with VR – yes it will…

But let me be terribly honest with you.

Before you go out and spend too much time and money on a VR headset with a big flashy logo, please understand that iPhones will work with a plain-old Google Cardboard headset that cost around ten bucks on Amazon.

And if your really desperate, some VR content providers are even giving away cheap headsets for an email address.

Now with that out-of-the-way, let’s dive in and figure out how to choose the best headset for iPhones.

How To Pick The Best VR Headsets for iPhone

Most VR headsets will work just fine with an iPhone, especially newer iPhone 6 with the larger screen.

But there are a few Pro tips you should know when shopping for VR headsets:

1. Read reviews. Look for VR headset reviews where verified buyers talk about glitches with head straps, face pieces, lenses, and the carriage that holds the phone in place. Very often reviewers will share their frustration with these features. Complaints about phones not fitting is a RED flag. And another common problem is overheating due to poor venting. All these issues seem fairly common on most cheap VR headsets, and even some of the more pricey goggles.

2. Adjustable lenses. Having adjustable lenses is a biggie especially for folks like me with bad vision. It’s a must to be able to focus the lenses for a clear picture. Similar to binoculars, you want to be able to move the lenses in and out, wider or narrower, and if possible, independent for each eye. Your virtual reality experience depends on a clear sharp picture or you will end up with a bad head ache!

3. Fit, size and weight. This may not seem like a big deal now but remember you’ll be hanging your VR goggles off your face with your iPhone locked into the front for a long time. Bigger cell phone screens are nice but weigh more. Also having a nice form-fitting cushion that will fit snug around your eyes and nose is important. And a good set of head straps makes a big difference, too. You don’t want to end up with a neck-ache!

Note: Save yourself frustration by making sure your iPhone is listed in the product description or it may not fit properly and you’ll have to send it back. This will suck!

4. Price. Like I said in the beginning. Don’t spend too much now because headsets are only going to get better and cheaper by Christmas time. For now, spending $25 – 50 will get you a decent VR experience.

I expect VR headsets will be a TOP Christmas gifts, especially headsets for Sony PlayStation and Xbox game consoles!

5. VR Apps. Finally, let’s talk about software apps. The main difference between VR goggles for Android and iPhone is the software because most headsets will work with either phone type. For example you can download and use the Jaunt VR App for the iPhone with a simple Google Cardboard headset. How cool is that?

BTW, Jaunt VR is a VR content provider with a growing venue of Awesome 360 videos. Read more about JauntVR and innovative ways to use VR.

Picture of Merge VR Headset

Experience Virtual Reality With Your iPhone

So now you know the truth and you don’t have to be left out of the virtual reality fun because you have an iPhone…

These VR Pro tips will help you pick the best VR headset for iPhone. And the same tips will also apply for any Android phone.

VR headsets will be huge during the Christmas shopping season, but you don’t have to wait for Santa to get off the sideline and start experiencing virtual reality with your iPhone.

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