15+ Amazing Ways How To Use VR That Will Completely Blow Your Mind (Must Read…)

Uses for VRHold on tight to reality because you won’t be the same when you’re done reading this big list of innovative ways how to use VR...


VR is no longer a fantasy, virtual reality is here so get ready for a new wave of life changing gadgets and fun.

VR will be to TV what the computer was to a typewriter.

Virtual Reality is a game changer and we’re only just beginning to see where this trend is about to take us.

Glimpse Inside The World Of VR

We’ll get to the list of VR uses in a minute, but first let me share how this list came to be…

Recently I was listening to a Tony Robbins podcast and in an unexpected twist of fate Tony started talking about a new technology that would soon replace television as we know it today.

Brace yourself because I’m about to open your mind to VR…

Tony then got really excited and started explaining his experience with virtual reality and how he was an investor in a new company named NextVR. I’ll show you a video about NextVR in a moment.

My first thought when I heard Tony talking about VR was … no way Tony, you didn’t just say what I think you said!

OMG, Tony Robbins is hyped-up about how big VR will get – Wow! (Click to hear Tony get excited about VR)


I was already stoked about VR before I heard Tony’s podcast but now I am sick and going nuts about it…

VR is going to be huge… Goldman Sachs predicts VR to become an 80B industry!

Honest, I wasn’t expecting Tony’s podcast to be about VR when I pressed the play button on my iPhone.

Now I’m even more excited about my plans to make BuyBuyVR.com a place where everyone, big or small, can come and read VR news, learn about cool new VR gadgets, follow VR trends, and best of all, buy VR headsets!

What NextVR is doing.

Watch this YouTube video about NextVR and I’ll pick it back up on the other side. Pay close attention to the numbers Dave Cole throws around!

Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

The cameras create a facsimile of a world around the camera and that gets transmitted down to our viewer…

Dave, are you serious?

This sound more like you’ve built a Star Trek Transporter!

15+ Ways How To Use Virtual Reality…

vr gaming1. Virtual Reality Gaming is obviously at the top of the list and most VR headsets can already simulate a totally immersed experience where you are battling zombies or racing a Lamborghini at 225 miles per hour.

But listen, the gaming industry for VR is only beginning and soon we’ll not only see and hear the action, but also be able to feel, smell, and taste the chase.

That’s right, we’ll be able to get all 5 senses involved, total immersion.

According to Google Immersion means – “Deep mental involvement”.

2. Virtual Reality Movies are next on the list and Netflix will soon be streaming movies for VR. Some movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime are already streamed in 3D but as with gaming, the movie industry is only beginning to ramp-up and soon we’ll be on site at Jurassic Park running our ass off trying to get away from a T-Rex.


If you listened to Tony’s podcast on the link I share above, then you heard that NextVR is already a leader for providing VR content. Dave said they create one event a week, which means 52 per year, and I’m sure the venue will grow fast as the camera tech gets easier to set up and use.

If NextVR is correct, then imagine 650 millions soccer fans tuning into World Cup on VR headsets and all having front row seats.

I want a piece of VR pay-per-view action! What about you?

That will be an amazing prediction Dave, if it comes true…

3. Virtual Reality Sporting Events: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Boxing, MMA, Golf and more… Don’t just watch the game on TV, be there!

4. VR Concerts with you sitting in a front row of seat where you can look up the nostrils of Taylor Swift 🙂 and other super stars…

5. VR Training Events, like with Tony Robbins, where you’ll be able to experience the life changing thunder of Tony’s message in VR.

6. Virtual Reality Vacations to any place on earth, where you and your family experience walking on the Great Wall of China or hiking the Grand Canyon. And this will all be happening from your recliner chair.

VR Extreme Sports7. VR Extreme Sports & Risky Activities, where you’ll go skydiving, surfing or snow boarding – hell, your mind won’t know the difference because the experience will be so real. Maybe you’ll even pee yourself!

8. VR Big Game Hunting and Fishing, where you’ll be transported to Africa and fish for Great White Sharks. And then you’ll feel the rush of a real elephant charging you before you pull the trigger.

Are you feeling me?

Every time you put on your headset you’ll be transported somewhere new…

9. VR Simulators that put you in the pilot seat of a F35 or a Stealth Bomber, or an Apache Gunship. The options for VR simulators are endless…

Imagine. No more staring at 2 dimensional flat screen monitors.

Put on your goggles and get total immersion into the cockpit and a full 360 degree view, side by side, and up and down.

You’re probably ready to click the “buy now button” and I’m still not done with my list of virtual reality use cases.

Soon you won’t want to play games, watch movies, or listen to music any other way.

Experience LIVE Streaming VR Events

10. VR Live Streaming. Look, NextVR is already transmitting sports and concert events live but imagine visiting an amusement park during a holiday weekend…You can’t afford to go there for real, but you can still attend and experience the event LIVE!

11. Virtual Reality Shopping, where products are so real you can virtually touch them before you buy. Let’s see how quickly Amazon offers VR product pages.

12. VR Car or House Shopping, where you’ll visit a virtual car dealership and test driving every car on the lot without leaving your driveway. Or visit homes for sale and walk through every room without leaving your kitchen. This way of shopping will soon be everywhere.

Are you starting to glimpse how we will use VR?

VR Dating13. VR Dating. Obviously guys will go nuts over VR dating. As I was scanning YouTube for the video above I noticed there’s already a lot of sexually explicit VR videos. I’ll keep this list PG-13 but you know where this is going…

14. VR Education. Imagine how cool online learning will become as schools begin to use immersion for learning. We’re talking the Matrix where Neo is plugged into a virtual world and turns into a Bad-Ass Ninja capable of flying like Superman. But all joking aside, I think VR Education will become a giant industry.

15. Virtual Reality Story Books that let kids interact with Harry Potter and Scooby-Doo. And the list of books that can be converted to VR is endless.

16. VR Photo Albums, where you can view collages of photos combined with music and video of personal or public events. For example vacations, holidays, parties, etc.

17. Virtual Reality Rehabilitation or Hospice for family members who are laid-up in hospitals or hospice. Imagine if loved ones could spend their final hours in virtual reality instead of watching boring TV. I know for now this may seem far-fetched, but soon it may be the normal way.

The Really Juicy Stuff About VR

The list of VR use cases is going to grow into the hundreds.

NextVR predicts over the next few years there will be 100’s of millions of VR headsets in use and most mobile phones will be redesigned for VR.

Your next smart phone upgrade will likely include VR ready features.

My mind is absolutely blown by what Tony Robbins was saying about VR in his podcast.

For the record, I also added a few VR use cases that I thought-up while creating this list.

Number 17 is one of my ideas since I know my 92-year-old mother would love viewing VR family albums and playing slot machines in a virtual Las Vegas…

But yes, Tony, NextVR and I could all be wrong.

Yet, if we’re even close to being right then there’s a VR Tsunami Wave coming, which is why I’ll be working my butt off to make BuyBuyVR.com the place for VR enthusiasts.

VR will change our life and way of doing business.

Life is about to change for everyone and you can bet I’ll be there to help you find deals on headsets and content.

Stop and imagine wearing a cool pair of Oakley VR Sunglasses. Sick, right?

VR is here and it’s about to unravel the real world we live in.

Here’s how you can start experiencing VR immediately.

Top VR Headsets To Buy

VR Headsets are already flooding the market and Amazon has pages of VR Headsets to choose from…

But let me make it easy for you to decide which VR goggles to buy. Below is a list of the most talked about VR headsets, pick the one that matches your cell phone or PC.

Here’s a Pro Tip:

Don’t worry about buying the best VR headset now because headsets, goggles, and glasses are going to keep changing. Even a DIY Google cardboard headset is good enough to get you started.

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