Luphie VR Headset (Packed With High Fidelity Sound Quality)

luphie 3d vr headset Luphie 3D VR Headset is one of the most complete 3D virtual reality headset that you’ll find for the price tag…

This immersive headgear comes with vision and hearing and acts as your private 3D movie cinema while the wide Field Of View (FOV) of 120°gives you excellent visual experience.

And unlike many cheaper goggles, the adjustable headband comfortably fits most head sizes.

New Luphie VR Headset

vr virtual reality headset

The Luphie 3D VR Headset is one of the most powerful VR goggles with visual and auditory systems for an all-immersive experience.

One of the Most Powerful VR Goggles

  • Light weight design and flexible frame of lenses make it comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Three adjustable headband straps perfectly balance pressure from your head and neck.
  • Soft sponge cushion around the face mask and nose padding makes it comfortable to wear during prolonged usage. The detachable front cover has ventilation holes for better heat dissipation.
  • Super high-quality 3D VR stereo headset sports HD optical resin lenses with 8-layer nano-coating and 5X polishing. This reduces deformity and glare, prevents visual fatigue, reproduces lossless VR world and restores 3D reality under broad vision.
  • Lens adjustments like Focal Distance and Pupil Distance tweaks are handy.
  • Fits most Android and iOS devices between screen sizes of 4.7-6 inches.
  • Compatible smartphones are iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy series, Sony, LG, HTC among others.

Video Review of the Luphie 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

Packed with a high fidelity sound quality and Hi-Fi headphones, the 360 degree surround soundproofing is awesome.

vr headset virtual realityPremium Sound:

  1. Adjustable headphones for a precise fit and experience.
  2. Soft sponge filler around the ear cap similar to other high-quality headphones.

Easy Sound Control:

  1. Adjust the volume by pressing functions button left and right.
  2. A single press to it answers phone calls, plays or stops a video.
  3. To play next track, just double press it.

vr headset virtual reality

Sharp Visuals:

  1. PD Distance Adjustment allows view adjustment so that double image formation or the screen is obscured, you can press the button on the top of the device to adjust pupil distance left or right for a sharp picture.
  2. Focal Distance Adjustment allows you to have two buttons alongside the headset, left and right. Just turn to obtain clear visuals.

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