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MonkeyMedia's BodyNav tools will reduce motion sickness in VR

VentureBeat - 6 hours ago
MonkeyMedia, the independent research lab in Austin, Texas, today announced the public release of a developer toolkit for its patented BodyNav technology, which is aimed at making VR more comfortable...

This US airline is trying to make VR another first-class perk

New York Post - 4 hours ago
Alaska Airlines announced Monday it will soon be unveiling VR headsets as a trial run for first-class passengers on its Seattle-Boston and Boston-San Diego routes. The headsets are by French-American...

Alaska Airlines will make long flights more bearable with VR movies

CNET - 1 day ago
On Monday, Alaska Airlines announced that it will start carrying the Allosky VR headset as a form of in-flight entertainment for first class flyers. Alaska will begin piloting the program on its...

How Cities Can (Realistically) Use AR and VR

Government Technology - 2 hours ago
Augmented and virtual reality — digital tools that either superimpose images on the real world (AR) or bring users into an artificial digital experience (VR) — have captured the imagination of...

Everything We Know About Facebook's New Oculus Santa Cruz VR Headset

Nasdaq - 52 minutes ago
This coming Wednesday and Thursday, virtual reality (VR) developers and enthusiasts from around the world will once again gather in San Diego, Calif., for Facebook's Oculus Connect developer...

VR Is More Than A Flight Of Fancy For Cathay Pacific

AdExchanger - 15 hours ago
Virtual reality still has much runway to travel before it lands a permanent spot on the media plan. It's niche. But for brands like Cathay Pacific, VR content is just the ticket to engage...

Vive Wireless Adapter launches today for untethered VR

TechRadar - 10 hours ago
VR takes another step towards the Matrix with HTC's Vive Wireless Adapter, which is now shipping units in the US and taking preorders for UK and Europe before a wider rollout in late October –...

VR's missing link? A killer app that convinces us to buy in

CNET - 1 day ago
Chika Umeadi could be the poster child for what's wrong with virtual reality today. At a glance, he seems like the perfect candidate to buy a VR headset. He's an app developer and techie. He...

You Can Join This Year's VR Awards Inside Altspace VR

UploadVR - 4 hours ago
Ever wanted to go to an awards ceremony but don't want to dress up for the occasion? Altspace VR has you covered for this year's VR Awards. The social VR platform will be co-hosting this...

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