Oculus Rift VR Headset Plus Touch Virtual Reality System

Oculus Unboxing - Read Transcript
…It’s finally here. I have been waiting a long time to dive into this. And oh man… This picture on the box… Gorgeous. Even before getting into the actual meat and bones, everything just felt sleek and high quality, down to the box. Kind of like the experience you get when you first open an Apple product. Nice smooth design; I love the newest Oculus logo. It’s a lot slicker than that original *Demonic Voice* “Creepy eye staring at you for eternity.” Anyways, inside was an awesome setup.

Everything was so shiny and nice looking, and the controllers are a perfect size. I noticed the Oculus itself was surprisingly sleeker and thinner. Then again, the last model I ever touched was the DK2. I had to immediately pull everything out and oh man, was I excited. First, let’s talk about the Rift itself. Man, regardless of what you think of its performance, you gotta admit it’s at least a slick-lookin’ thing. I love the sharp sort-of carbon fiber look to the outer casing, and everything just flows well and looks nice. I also love the placement of the headphones. It was pleasant that they didn’t include too much wrapping or packaging, however, I will say that all of the tape and stickers around the wires were definitely annoying. So I said “screw it!” and got out my trusty knife! I’ll get to try it on in a moment, but first, let’s look at some of the other stuff.

What about the big new thing, the Touch controllers? Well, I gotta say… I was really impressed. A lot of people have said that they fit perfectly and naturally into the hands, and I gotta admit, at first I was skeptical about this, however, once I actually tried them on… I have to say… that is completely true! It’s surprising! The buttons are nice and have a perfect weight, and the upper trigger feels just like a trigger on the Xbox One controller. This is something that I really appreciate because I use that on my PC and my Xbox. My only qualm with these controllers is that they went with the whole “glossy material that everyone notoriously hates because they get smudged with all of your fingerprints.” Just getting a feel for them the first time left a bunch of marks. Though these can be easily wiped off, it’s just a minor thing.

The sensors aren’t really much to talk about… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They’re fine… Looks nice, does the job. They’re pretty light too! There were a couple of other small things included such as the warranty and safety guide, which does provide some good insight to how to properly use this thing, though you end up seeing most of this information in the setup anyways as warnings.

I thought it was pretty funny that they had to specify the word “Rift” in five different languages. Like it’s gonna change… Alright, after all of this moseying around, I had to finally try it on! I’ll say, although I had a little bit of trouble at first, I came to find that once you adjust the Velcro, which is really easy to access, it fits around your head perfectly. Easy to move around… and there’s no painful weight in the front either. It feels nice! I approve.

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Oculus Rift VR Headset Plus Touch Virtual Reality System


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